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John Francis Bicknell II of Rangeley, Maine writes, "I have for about thirty years been interested in collecting antique firearms and in doing some research found that there was a Thomas Bicknell from Providence, Rhode Island that had a 1798 contract with the Federal Government to produce 2000 Flintlock muskets at $13.40 an arm. Would this be the black-smith Thomas born in Attleboro (Mass) 2/19/1749, died 1815? Zachary╣, John▓, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, Up until last fall not one musket had ever turned up. One of our arms collectors found one in Connecticut & notified me of it. He still has it & I hope to get a photo." A check of the records show two Thomas Bicknells possibly residing in the Providence area about that time: (Ref:B35) Thomas (#186) b. 11 Feb 1746, son of Joshua & Hannah (Lyon) Bicknell of Barrington, RI, of whom nothing more is known; (Ref:B47) Thomas (#88) b. 19 Feb 1749, son of Japhet & Martha (Metcalf) Bicknell. Because the latter Thomas’ father & grandfather were both blacksmith, it is not unreasonable to assume that Thomas (#88) followed that trade also and thus would be the logical probability for being our musket-maker as John had surmised.