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    I have found only two towns named BICKNELL in the United States today although there are innumerable Bicknell streets, squares, buildings, companies and even a Bicknell Junior High School in Weymouth, MA and an old Bicknell Cemetery in Mendon, MA (Ref:B183 - Simon Peter).

    BICKNELL, UTAH was known as Thurber until 1917 when Thomas W. Bicknell, the author of the 1913 Genealogy, offered his extensive library to any town in Utah which would rename itself "Bicknell." A problem arose when both Thurber and Grayson agreed to the change. The dilemma was solved by dividing the books evenly with Thurber becoming Bicknell and Grayson renaming itself Blanding, Mrs. Thomas W. Bicknell’s maiden name.

   BICKNELL, INDIANA was founded by John Bicknell, son of Munfred & Nancy (Ashby) Bicknell of the Southern branch of the family. He carried on a general store in Bicknell, Knox County until 1878. He moved in 1879 to Kansas where he re-turned to farming and became one of the oldest settlers in Labette County, Kansas.